Earth Day

Earth Day
The greatest respect we can pay to our beautiful Earth is to become conscious of what we consume and how we consume it.
In the last year, we have implemented changes in our business. We believe it is our responsibility and the responsibility of all businesses in every sector, to do so.
We also believe that all of us as consumers have a responsibility to become conscious of what we are buying. When we are aware, we make better choices.
The changes we have made:
  • All of our current collection is made from natural / eco-conscious materials
  • We use materials in full, with an emphasis on zero waste
  • Packaging is now fully recyclable/biodegradable
  • Editing collections so that each piece is created consciously and we are not over producing



The changes we plan to make:
  • All future collections will be consciously created with natural / eco-conscious materials
  • Sourcing more materials locally, with an emphasis on Irish craftsmanship
  • Create designs which are trans-seasonal, meaning you can wear these pieces throughout the year
  • Adding more cashmere pieces to, to help you form the base of your wardrobe



What can you do?
  • Consider what you purchase before you purchase it. How will you wear it? Do you envisage wearing it 30+ times? If it's a special occasion piece, do you envisage being able to wear it again?
  • Instead of doing "hauls", invest in one good piece. If you've done this before, you'll know why.
  • Start looking at content labels. Natural fibres are kinder to the environment and feel so good against our skin. Other fabrics like polyester, for example, is a type of plastic. 55% of all clothing is made from polyester. The Earth does not need any more plastic.



Let's do better together.

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Niamh x Holly

Niamh x Holly