How to wear black

As the days get shorter and a little chillier, we find ourselves drawn to the dark coloured pieces in our wardrobe. Black is the familiar, old reliable that never lets us down. It’s chic, always en vogue and above all, it is flattering.

The recurring problem with black being the universal answer to our problems is that it can often look a little bit flat, unimaginative and sometimes, downright boring.

The key to wearing black successfully is not to focus on the colour but on the texture.

Fabrics like wool, silk, lurex, organza and viscose all display black in different ways. Light will reflect completely differently on a black woolly sweater as opposed to a black silk dress.

Texture also comes in the form of jacquards, brocades, beading and prints to add even more dimension to the depth of the colour.

Give it a try. Breathe life into your all-black outfit by experimenting with various textures.


Niamh O'Neill